Managed by UAB Business and Auxiliary Services, the Bell/Wallace Gymnasium is a multi-purpose facility that is utilized as the venue for activities ranging from Intercollegiate basketball, volleyball practices, and any Intercollegiate sport that need an indoor facility in case of inclement weather.  UAB Athletics and the UAB Human Studies Departments are the main users, but the facility can also be rented by other UAB groups for various activities.

Two outdoor areas are also managed by UAB Business and Auxiliary Services, the football/track field located on 12thstreet and 7th avenue and the tennis courts located on 11th avenue and 15th street.   For more information concerning the Bell/Wallace facilities or to schedule your next departmental social  function, please contact the Facilities Management Office by calling 934-8266 or through email at  

The Bell/Wallace Gymnasium is located at 608 13th Street South.