UAB Campus Recreation Named One of the Top 25 Campus Recreation Centers
Alabama is no stranger to excellent athletics and fitness, which is why it’s no surprise that the University of Alabama at Birmingham has dedicated its 152,275 square foot recreation center to developing student abilities... (READ MORE)

Mission Statement

The Department of Campus Recreation strives to enhance transformational learing and the quality of life for the UAB student body & community by providing diverse programs & an inclusive environment.

An enhanced lifestyle of healthy living for the UAB community.

Integrity: Demonstrating a commitment to honesty, transparency and consistency by modeling and teaching ethical behavior through campus recreation programs and services.

CollaborationCreating intentional partnerships for the shared purpose of supporting student success and achieving university goals.

Student-CenteredPlacing student development and student success at the core of everything we do.

ExcellenceWe operate our programs and facilities at the highest level of safety, quality and customer service.

ServiceProviding a service to all our participants and members by fulfilling their personal and fitness needs.

UAB Campus Recreation
The UAB Campus Recreation offers you the best opportunities for recreation and fitness. You will find everything you need to stay active under one roof – free weights, court sports, swimming pools, group fitness classes, nutrition education, fitness areas, a climbing wall, and much more.The 152,275 square feet covers three floors: housing four basketball/volleyball courts, five racquetball courts (one of which can be converted to squash and four for wallyball), four aerobics studios, 18,000 square feet of weight and cardio-fitness areas, game room, KidZone, aquatics center with both lap and leisure components, Center Court gym used for indoor soccer, floor hockey and badminton, Power Zone, indoor track, and a climbing wall. 

Facilities Features
The UAB Campus Recreation center is an all-inclusive facility with so many options, it is easy to get involved and stay active. Some of our features include:
For more information, check out our Rec Guide.

Facility Policies & Procedures
A membership is the only way to enjoy all the Campus Recreation Center has to offer! Please check the Membership Page for more information.
Please review the current UAB Campus Rec's policies and procedures along with the current Rental Manual. Hoverboard's are prohibited in the Campus Recreation Center per UAB policy. You can read the entire Hoverboard notice or visit the website here.

UAB Green Policies and Procedures
For more information on the UAB Green's usage and reservation availability please read it's polices and procedures. The Green is an open green space designed to be accessible, safe, attractive, and to be used by members of the University community and their guests.  The Green is defined as the grassy area bounded by sidewalks, which include University Boulevard, the Campus Recreation Center and steps, Heritage Hall, Chemistry Building, Dining Commons, Camp Hall and 10th Avenue South.  The Green is part of centuries old tradition in higher education:  the provision of a peaceful, open-air area for thoughtful contemplation and social interaction.  The UAB Green has been part of campus since 2008. It is the University’s “crossroads” and will be the site for many fond memories for future generations of alumni, as well as enjoyment for all current students.

Want to reserve the green? Check out the green reservation form!

Campus Recreation Inclusive Statement
UAB Campus Recreation celebrates diversity and authenticity and is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender expression & identity, ability, disability, culture, ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs.