Frequently Asked Questions - You asked and we answered!

I am both a faculty/staff and a student, do I need to purchase a membership?

As a full-time employee, taking part in the employee tuition assistance program, you are not assessed the Recreation Center fee. Therefore, full-time faculty/staff must purchase a membership at that rate.

Can people not affiliated with UAB join the Rec Center?

UAB Campus Recreation is open exclusively for UAB students, employees, alumni, members of their immediate household and affiliate groups.

Can I join the Rec Center for just a few months instead of the annual membership?

Yes! The UAB Campus Recreation Center now offers two different short-term options at 1-month and 3-month minimum contracts in addition to the 12-month contract. As a member driven facility consisting of UAB students and the UAB community, the efficient and effective management of memberships is critical to the successful operation of Campus Recreation facilities and programs. To better offer these services it is imperative that we hold a consistent membership base.

What food and drinks are allowed in the facility?

All food and drinks are welcomed in our lobby, but once you pass through the turnstiles, the facility only allows water in a clear, plastic, resealable container.

Do you have a facility dress code?

Workout attire is required to utilize any equipment in the Fitness Center. Workout attire consists of: workout pants/shorts, full t-shirt that covers the entire back, shoulders and torso; and closed-toed athletic shoes. The following attire is prohibited: jeans; cargo pants/shorts; sports bras; t-shirts that do not cover entire back; shoulders and torso; and any open-toed footwear.

How do I purchase a locker?

You may see the Membership Services office to purchase a locker. Half Locker $60, Full Locker $72, we have various day use lockers throughout the facility that members can bring their own lock to use while they are here and take with them when they leave. All locks left on the day use lockers over night will be cut and the content will be stored for 1 week until given to charity. Lockers are not prorated, cannot be payroll deducted and are all renewed at the same time regardless of when purchased.


Where can I find out if Intramural events have been cancelled due to weather?
For information on intramural events, call the weather line at 996.4884.

Can spouses of UAB faculty/staff/students play intramurals?

During summer intramural events spouses are welcome to participate.

Can non-CRCT members watch intramural events inside the facility?

Non-members are welcome as spectators, however, gym bags are not allowed and these viewers are not allowed to participate in any activities or workout in the facility. There is a spectator fee of $10.

What is the cost to play team sports?

Most sports have a $5 intramural fee associated. There are some tournaments or special events that are no fee associated. To know the exact amout, please log in to www.imleagues.com. All payments must be made through IMLeagues.

Are there fees for UFit classes?

All UFit group exercise classes are free except for cycling. We sell single class passes for $1/$2 and 10/25 option punch passes. We also offer instructional classes to challenge our patrons even more for a small fee. View the UFit page to see the instructional class line up and email fitness@uab.edu for more information on how to register for an instructional class or learn more about it.

How do I get a personal trainer?

Simply email fitness@uab.edu or call 996-6994 to solicit a personal trainer. We have both male and female trainers available.

Are Nutrition Services available?

Nutrition assessments, counseling and body fat percentages are available for a fee. Contact recnutrition@uab.edu or 996-4885 to set up an appointment today!

Do you offer massage services?

Yes, we now offer 30/60 minutes massages through our licensed massage therapists. Email fitness@uab.edu to reserve your spot today!

How do I get a tour of the weight room facilities?

You can purchase Fitness Orientations with Membership Services at the Welcome Desk for $10.00 and schedule a detailed tour of the facility as well as, a tutorial on how to use the fitness equipment and machines. Email recmembership@uab.edu or call 205-996-5038 for more information. 

Outdoor Pursuits

Please see FAQ's section on Outdoor Pursuits page.