Winter weather got the best of us this time around. Unexpected snow accumulation occurred in Birmingham and the surrounding areas Tuesday, January 28th - 30th. The original forecast for light dusting was updated by the National Weather Service to a winter storm warning at 11 AM on Tuesday; this delayed call left thousands stranded on the roadways across the state. Students, professors, and travelers around Southside and the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus areas all dispersed at noon in attempts to make it home. Unfortunately, Alabama was not prepared for this "snowpocalypse" and the winter road conditions caused several accidents statewide. 


Vehicles were abandoned everywhere along US 280, I-20 E, and I-65 and people were walking home or to places taking in refuges (Alabama School of Fine Arts, UAB Campus Recreation Center, and other surrounding schools and businesses). At UAB Campus Recreation, over 120 people stayed overnight after initial snowfall Tuesday. UAB students from the residence halls donated blankets and pillows for the night and the American Red Cross brought cots to the REC. Even through the worst conditions, everyone was lending a helping hand and moving abandoned/stalled vehicles from roadways and directing traffic/safety percautions. 

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Thank you to the Birmingham community... read more heartwarming stories at UAB Reporter.

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