Camp FAQs & Daily Schedule

UAB Campus Recreation would like to welcome you and your campers to Summer Camp with UAB Campus Recreation! Below you will find some important information regarding the camp!

Summer Camp 2014 Team Building Week
Drop Off/Pick Up
• Drop off will begin at 8:30 am (7:30 am if you signed up for before care) behind Campus Recreation Center on 9th Ave South. Cones will be set up and counselors will be there directing the process to make it as smooth as possible!
• Official camp activities will begin promptly at 9 am.
• If for some reason, you wish to enter to Rec Center with your camper, you must park on 9th Ave Parking Deck and then enter the facility utilizing the backdoor.
• Pick Up will begin at 4 pm on 9th Ave. The process will be the same as drop off.
• All campers need to be picked up by 4:30 pm (unless you signed up for after care, in which case pick-up is at 5:30 pm).

• Please remember to send a nutritious lunch with your camper every day of camp! The camp will provide some healthy snacks throughout the day. If you wish to come take your camper to lunch, you will need to sign them out with the Lead Counselor on duty. They will also need to be signed back in when returning to camp.

• If your camper needs to take medication during camp, please fill out the attached "Medication Authorization Form" and send with your camper the first day of camp along with the medication in the original container!
• Camp administrators will be the ones administering the medication during camp.

Daily Routine
·  Every day will include both swimming and rock climbing. Please make sure your camper comes equipped with a Swim Suit and a towel. We will have sunscreen on sight for our outdoor activities.

• Remember that if you have not paid your camp registration fee, it is due in full by the first day of camp! This can be taken care of over the phone or by stopping by the Membership Services Desk in the Campus Recreation Center! If you require some assistance with payment, please contact the Membership Service Desk at 205-996-5038.

Thank you again for enrolling your campers into UAB Campus Recreation Summer Camps. We are almost at maximum capacity for every week, the only weeks with openings are week 5 and 10, and they are filling fast! Our summer staff is very excited to meet each of the campers and ensure that they have the best time possible! If you have any questions please feel see to give us a call.

Camp FAQs for Parents:

1)     What is the cost of a UAB Summer Camp?

For members it is $150 per week, for non-members the cost is $180 per week.
Lunch is an extra $40 per week (McAlister's Deli).

2)     How much does it cost for before and after care?

The cost of before care is $5. The cost of after care is also $5. Total for both for an entire week comes to $50.

3)     What is the daily schedule for Summer Camps?

Parents will drop their campers off beginning at 8:30 (or 7:30 if they are signed up for before-care), behind the Rec Center on 9th Avenue. Campers will be escorted into Gym Court 4 and wait there until everyone is signed in. Parents/Guardians must sign their campers in as they arrive each day. Camp officially begins at 9 am. Swimming will take place from 10:30-12:00. Lunch begins after that. After lunch we will be in the Climbing Wall for about an hour and a half. On the times we are not swimming or climbing, campers will be participating in fun games and activities that relate to the theme of that week. Pick up will begin around 4 pm. After care campers must be picked up by 5 pm. Again, parents/guardians must sign their children out before they are allowed to leave. The person that signs them in or out must be on the sign in/out list for that day!

4)     What is the ratio of counselors to campers each day?

Our goal is to have a ratio of 1 counselor for every 6 campers. This is much better than t he national requirement.

5)     What is the age range of campers at UAB?

Campers ages range from 5 years, all the way up to 16 years of age.

6)     What does lunch consist of (if they don't pack their own)?

For lunches supplied by McCallisters, campers will be supplied with a sandwich, chips, drink, and a cookie. Sandwiches will be ham or turkey. McCallisters will supply different sandwiches based on the popularity of that kind.

7)     How are campers grouped?

All campers are grouped by age. The three groups include: 5-7, 8-10, and 11-13. 14-16 year olds will be used as junior counselors and have an opportunity to learn more about UAB.

8)     What are requirements to be a camp counselor?

All of our counselors are First Aid, CPR, and AED certified through American Red Cross. Some of them are also certified to use needles for diabetes and Epinephrine pens. They are all belay certified as well for when we use the climbing wall. All counselors go through a week of training before the summer begins as well. 

9)     How much time will be spent in the pool?

Every day we will spend about two hours in the UAB pool

10) Is there any way to get a discount for camps?

If you have more than one child enrolled in camp, you will receive a discount.

11) Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

We provide scholarships to families who show economic need. Please contact us for more details.