Spring 2016Spring 2016 Fitness Schedule
The Spring Fitness class schedule runs January 10th - April 23rd. We have classes ranging from Sunrise Yoga to Beginner Salsa.

TRXButtonTRX Functional Traning!
Learn the basics of this rapidly growing fitness trend, TRX! Along with great TRX instruction, the class will include functional training that involves full body movements and learn to stabilize the body and use your core in every exercise.
Monday: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Wellness Catering
Wellness Catering is available for all of your fitness, wellness, and nutritional needs. Take part in wellness catering at the UAB campus Recreation Center, or have it come to you through our Rec on the Go options!

April Department Calendar Now Available!AprilCal2016
Check out everything Campus Recreation programs and services have to offer for April like the Fontana Smoky Mountains trip or Intramural Home Run Derby! Our Smoky Mountains trip takes off on Friday the 8th and Home run derby is on the 14th at 6pm. We also have our Open Rec Night for April in Game Night that will be in two competitions between air hockey and FIFA 2016 on Xbox One. Game night is on the 21st and will begin at 7pm with free food and prizes for those who participate. Check out the calendar for a full list of events going on in the month of April!