Indoor Track

Enjoy thrilling panoramic views of campus on the 1/8 mile climate-controlled indoor track.


Equipment Issue

Equipment Issue provides a towel service, locker rentals, racquetball and squash reservations and equipment check out. Towel service cards are purchased here.

The following items are available to check out:

  • Basketballs 
  • Walleyballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Soccer Balls
  • Air Hockey Sets
  • Foosball Sets
  • Billiard Sets
  • Wii Games
  • Wii Controllers
  • Xbox Games
  • Xbox Controllers
  • Ping Pong Paddles
  • Weight Belts
  • Jump Ropes

Lost and Found

The Welcome Desk is where you can return items you've found or find what you've lost. Lost & found items will be cleaned out twice a month on the 1st and 15th. Everything cleaned out on the 1st will be from the 1st - 15th of the previous month. Everything cleaned out on the 15th will be from the 15th - 30th of the previous month. Both patrons turning in and claiming an item will need to fill out the necessary information. The Campus Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

Towel Services

Daily workout towels are also available for free. These may also be exchanged daily for a freshly laundered towel at no charge.

Locker Rooms

Spacious locker rooms, men's (over 3,100 sq. ft.) and women's (over 3,500 sq. ft.) offer a variety of amenities including convenience to the pool. Restroom facilities, private showers and dressing rooms, saunas (electrical heat system, no water needed) and hair dryers are among the conveniences you can find in each locker room. Suitmates, where users can drop their swimsuits in a machine that dries them enough to carry home, are available in both locker rooms. Ladies, a large amount of outlets and mirrors are available as you get ready for work in the mornings. There are 164 full lockers (82 in each) and 820 half lockers (410 each) as well as 320 day use lockers on hand.

Family changing rooms are also available with all the conveniences of the locker rooms. These rooms are designed to allow patrons with children of the opposite sex, as well as handicap patrons access to showers and changing rooms.

You may see the Member Services desk to purchase a locker. Locker prices are as follows: Half Locker is $60 and  Full Locker $72. We have various day use lockers throughout the facility that members can bring their own lock to use while they are here and take with them when they leave. All locks left on the day use lockers over night will be cut and the content will be stored for one week until given to charity.  

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