All Employees - One Week Free Trial! (Sponsor Yourself In)

All Employees are eligible for a one week trial of the Campus Recreation Center upon becoming a member. Once the trial period has passed, said employees are eligible to sponsor themselves in with our $10 guest pass that lasts the entire day. With this guest pass they can enter the facility throughout the day with their receipt of purchase and enjoy all the benefits of being a member. A five day guest pass is also available for $40 to use over the span of a year. All guests, other than eligible employees, must be sponsored by a current member. Sponsors will be limited to three guests per day. Come and try it out or sign up today

Platinum Membership
All UAB Employees have the opportunity to take advantage of our new Platinm Membership, which consists of:
 - Full Access Membership                            - Health assessment
 - Half Locker                                              - 10 passes each month to a pass required fitness class
 - 2 guest passes each month                       - Equipment Orientation
 - 1 Kid Zone pass each month


Current Membership Prices
  12 Month Contract 3 Month Contract 1 Month Access
  Full Payment Monthly Payment Full Payment Monthly Payment Full Payment
UAB Employee $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
Platinum "NEW" $780 $65      
Employee/Student View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines View Guidelines
Early Bird (Employees Only)***** Limited Hours
Monday through Friday 5am-8am and 10am-1pm
Unlimited on weekends
Night Owl (Employees Only)***** Limited Hours
Monday through Friday 8am-11am and 8pm-11pm
[During Break Hours evening is 7pm-9pm]
Unlimited on weekends
Colleague Employees* $444 $37 $141 $47 $57
Alumni $504 $42 $156 $52 $62
Recent Alumni** $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
Household Member $264 $22 $96 $32 $42
Minor $60 $5 $45 $15 $25
Enrolled UAB Student*** Included in student fees. Please consult BlazerNet for fee status payment.
Off Semester Student**** N/a $80/semester NA $40
Retiree $360 $30 $120 $40 $50
*Colleague Employees: VA, Children's Hospital, Sodexo, Capstone, First Transit, Cooper Green, Horizons, Southern Research Institute.
**Recent Alumni: Post UAB Grad for 12 months or less.
***Enrolled Student: UAB Students that are enrolled in classes and pay the Rec Center Fees within Student Fees.
****Off Semester Student: Not enrolled at UAB for one semester but plan to enroll at UAB the following semester (i.e. summer semester)
*****Non-Prime members have access to the facility without hours restriction on Holiday Eve's (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)
Please note that all memberships are not prorated and non-refundable. 

Are You Ready to Sign Up?

Becoming a member is easy and loaded with benefits. The following steps may be completed at the CRCT Welcome Desk:

1. Submit your application to Member Services at the Welcome Desk, along with a payroll deduction form or debit/credit card drafting form. We also welcome your full year's payment in the form of a check, cash, Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover.

2. If you are not eligible for a UAB One Card, Membership Services will provide you with Key Fob for a fee of $3.00 when you sign up!

3. To be prepared for payment: pay in full at time of sign up, pay 2 months up front at time of sign up for monthly payroll deduction, or pay 1 month up front at time of sign up for monthly credit/debit card draft.                                          

View Your Account Online

The services offered online includes signing up for Instructional Programs (like Studio V and Advance Yoga), Day Camps and Summer Camps, Outdoor Pursuits Trips and Clinics, Group and Private Swim Lessons and Racquetball Court Reservations.

In addition to this, no more waiting in line at the Welcome Desk to talk to Membership Services about your account; you are able to edit your membership and financial account information with the click of a button! You have the ability to update your contact information, preferences, and credit card information for those last minute changes. You can even view past purchases and keep track of your visits!

CRCT MEMBERS -Please do NOT sign up as a guest if you are a CRCT Member and do not have your online credentials. Please contact Membership Services to obtain your information. We would also appreciate if all members can make sure that the email address we have on file is up to date with Membership Services - call 205.996.5038.

Click here to get started

Payment Options
Pay In Full:

One-time payment of fees, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Membership is not prorated, and will expire at the end of the last month of membership.

Payroll Deduction:
First two months' fees are paid at time of joining, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Membership fees are not prorated. Fees will be deducted starting in the second month for the third month's membership fee (pays for the month ahead) and will recur until ended by the member submitting a cancellation form to Membership Services. Payroll deduction is only available to UAB Employees paid through the Oracle System at UAB. 

Credit/Debit Card Drafting:
First months' fee is paid at time of joining, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Membership fees are not prorated. Fees will be automatically drafted between the 2nd and the 4th monthly from the member's VISA, MC, AMEX or Discover card that was put on file. Automatic payments will start during the second month (pays for the month of). This draft will recur until ended by the member submitting a cancellation form to Membership Services.

Guest Passes

All guest passes will be increased to $10 to help cover costs of the facility and help boost our program areas.

Your membership awards you an unlimited number of guest passes each year (up to 3/day). Guests are asked to pay at the front desk and must show a valid photo ID when they visit. All sponsors must remain in the facility with guest during visit. Guest passes can be purchased for those 19 years of age and older at all times - minors are not eligible to sponsor a guest. Those under 19 are only permitted to participate with a direct parental/legal guardian. For complete rules and regulations on guest passes and the minor policy, please view our Policies and Procedures Manual (you can obtain one from Membership Services at the Welcome Desk).

All guests are eligible to purchase a five day guest pass for $40. Passes are non-transferable to other guests. Guests must still have a sponsoring member during each visit. To redeem during each visit, please stop by the Welcome Desk with Membership Services.

All employees interested in a membership, but want to try out the facility first, are eligible to sponsor themselves in using a daily guest pass. The fee will allow employees to use the facility as often as they want without a monthly charge. With this day pass, employees may NOT sponsor other guests in with them until they are members unless they are employees themselves. Please contact membership services at or 205.996.5038 with any questions.

How to Cancel Your Membership

If you have fulfilled your initial 3- or 12-month contract and you wish to cancel your membership, please download a cancellation form here, or request a form to be faxed or mailed at Complete, sign and return this form to the Member Services Department, and we will begin processing your request once all fees/balances have been paid. Please keep in mind that memberships are not prorated, and the Office of Campus Recreation requires a 45 day notice prior to the 1st of the month in which you would like the membership terminated. For example, if you plan to terminate your membership on September 1, you need to return this form before July 15.

We realize that an annual commitment is an investment on your part, and we strive to offer everything that we can in recognition of that commitment. All memberships are non-refundable; however, extended freeze options are available at your request for extreme circumstances (listed below). It is our desire to continually offer the best opportunities for your fitness and recreational enjoyment, and we welcome the opportunity to better serve you.

Cancelled or suspended memberships can be granted for the following requests: 

  • 1.  Member(s) becomes physically disabled, and is unable to physically continue exercise for an extended period of time or permanently; ( i.e. severe accident, extended hospital stay, death, etc.)
  • 2.  Member(s) is transferred by an Armed Forces military branch; (i.e. National Guard, Reserves, Active Duty assignment, etc.)
  • 3.  Member(s) moves from Birmingham area or leaves UAB; (i.e. reaches non-employment status, retires, is terminated, resigns, medical disability, etc.)