Minor Definition:
As defined by the Department of Campus Recreation, for the purpose of accessing the Campus Recreation Center, a minor is anyone 18 years of age or younger where a guardian and minor relationship exists. The maximum age for this relationship to exist for Campus Recreation Center membership purposes is 18 years of age, per Alabama State Law.
Everyone is allowed in during all hours of operation.

Levels of Access:

Age 0-5 

No membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center (except the Fitness Studios and fitness area) with direct parent/guardian supervision*

Age 6-15

Membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center (except the Fitness Studios and fitness areas which is the cardio machines, selectorized and all free weight equipment) with direct parent/guardian supervision.

Age 16-18

Membership required. Permitted into all areas of the Campus Recreation Center with indirect parent/guardian supervision**
* Direct supervision is defined as being in the same room no further than 20 feet apart.
** Indirect supervision is defined as: parent/legal guardian must be in the facility at the same time as the minor; however both are not required to be in the same area.
In order to provide the safest and highest quality program, we are adding child care facility personnel to our staff. These individuals are CPR, First Aid, and AED certified for children and infants. We believe this transition will allow for growth in youth programming areas and are very excited about this change. However, this transition will directly affect the hours of KidZone. Effective March 10, 2014, KidZone drop in service will only be available during the set hours below. With the change in hours, children are not limited to the 2 hour time limit, but will need to be picked up before the KidZone closes. The parent/guardian still must stay in the facility while their child is in KidZone. The price will continue to be $10 a month or $5 per visit. Attached you will find our waiver which states you assume all risk that may arise out of or result from the use of the equipment or facilities, and/or services of UAB Campus Recreation for your minor. In the event of an emergency within the facility while the minor is under KidZone supervision, you will hold sole responsibility of care for the minor. However, if an immediate emergency occurs, the Campus Recreation staff will proceed with care without consent until parent/guardian arrives.
Children ages 5-12 are permitted to use the KidZone during specified hours. CRCT staff member will supervise, but will not change diapers. Child must be potty-trained.

KidZone Membership Cost:
$10/month or $5/day (per child)

Monday through Friday from 5-8pm
Saturday 11am-3pm
Sunday 12pm-3pm

Minor Membership Cost: 
Annual contract:
$60/year or $5/month (per child)

3-mth contract:
$15/month (per child)

Minors age six and up must purchase a membership (rates above) and a Key Fob ($3) in order to have access to the Campus Recreation Center except for KidZone; if fees are paid.  Minor Memberships can be purchased by cash, check, credit card or can be automatically deducted from the primary member’s payroll or debit/credit card account. 
Additional Policies:
  1. Minors will not be permitted to have a permanent locker. 
  2. Strollers are allowed on the indoor track in the walking lanes.
  3. Family-changing rooms are provided on the first floor. Mixed genders are not permitted in other restrooms/locker rooms.
  4. Swim diapers are required for unpotty-trained children in the pool.
  5. Children must fit into a UAB-approved or provided harness in order to use the rock-climbing wall.
  6. Parent/guardian MUST be actively participating in the same activity as the minor i.e. playing basketball together, playing racquetball together, swimming together, etc.  This does not mean that the parent can be, for example, in a group exercise class while the minor sits along the wall and watches.