All UAB full-time regular (assignment code 01) and three-twelve-hour-shift (assignment code 12) employees that receive Employee Educational Assistance will be required to purchase a faculty/staff membership to gain access to the Campus Recreation Center. UAB employees who pay 100% of their tuition bill because they are not eligible for Employee Educational Assistance will receive full Campus Recreation Center privileges without purchasing a membership once they register with the Recreation Center staff.

All other UAB employees who enroll at UAB and are not subsidized through Employee Educational Assistance will receive full Recreation Center privileges as "students". All of the people in the list need to be enrolled in current UAB classes to be considered for this option. This includes the following UAB employee classifications:

03 Part time regular 
04 Irregular 
07 Interns and/or Residents 
17 Weekend Staff Nurses 

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Campus Recreation Center.