By incorporating healthy habits in your daily routine you can begin your journey into living life to the fullest and loving recreation! Join our movement…

MOVE-IT Mondays

Get up and move!  Make it your goal to get up and walk 200 meters (one time around the indoor track) every hour! Not in the recreation center every hour? Grab your office buddy and walk a lap around your building every hour.

Don't be like them! Request a free fitness assessment today! 
Contact Fitness@uab.edu 

TRACK-IT Tuesdays
What are you really eating?  Keep a food journal today, write down everything you eat and drink with one of our daily food logs or try myfitnesspal.com to set goals, track food/exercise and watch your progress! Need help? Contact our staff to help with tracking and healthy eating tips by emailing: fitness@uab.edu.



WELLNESS Wednesdays

Being healthy is more than just physical fitness and eating a nutritious diet.  Be sure to incorporate overall wellness into your life.  Take 10 minutes to simply breathe and appreciate what you have.  Attend a spiritual service or sleep in an extra 5 minutes. 




THIRSTY Thursdays

Today’s challenge is to drink 8 ounces of water every hour, whether you are at work, going to classes, or at home!  Staying hydrated will curb your hunger and ensure that your metabolism is running efficiently.





Skip the drive-thru and the pack your own lunch today.  Fill your lunch box with fresh fruits and vegetables! Try to skip the processed foods just once this week and replace them with healthy fruits and veggies.