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A club sport is a registered student organization that may provide a program of instruction, recreation or competition in a specific sport or activity. Club Sports vary in size and instruction in order to meet the needs and interests of students, faculty and staff. Each club establishes its own organizational structure, leadership and performance level. For more information on how to start or join a club, please email our Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and Camps, Stacey Pettigrew, at or call 205.996.4937.

Club Sports Manual via UAB Campus Recreation

Current Club Sports

Badminton Club
Contact: Jinda Fan - 

Blazer Barbell
Contact: Jack Wilson -

Chess Club
Contact: Jeffrey Byrd -

Climbing Club
Contact: Jordan Timothy -

Cricket Club
Contact: Siddhartha Biswas -

Fencing Club
Contact: Valeria Makeeva -

Fishing Club 
Contact: Wesley Minor -

Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club
Contact: Taylor Brown -

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club
Contact: Savannah Ferch -

Ice Hockey Club
Contact: Ryan Kalson -

Korean International Football Association (KIFA)
Contact: Chang Min Park -

Men's Lacrosse Club 

Contact: Justin Wahl -

Women's Lacrosse Club
Contact: Lily Birx -

Rugby Club 
Contact: Allen Jackson -

Running Club
Contact: Samantha Perkins -

Co-Ed Soccer Club
Contact: Andrew Bohannon -

Table Tennis Club
Contact: Bliss J Chang -

Tennis Club
Contact: Hunter Dodson -

UAB Wrestling Club
Contact: Jacob McQueen -