Home School Program

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Any child who attends grade school at home is eligible to participate, and is open to both UAB affiliated and non-UAB affiliated persons. The program seeks to build skills in physical education and team sports. We have approximately 5-10 physical education students observing and helping out with the program every year. These students have at least obtained a “Junior” status in college (over 60 hours earned). The observation students often observe at various schools and have underwent thorough background checks.

Available Sessions 

• Session 1: 
1-2:30 pm: Swimming 
2:45-4:00 pm: Fundamentals of Fitness 

• Session 2: 
1-2:30 pm: Swimming 
2:45-4:00 pm: Ultimate Frisbee

• Session 3: 
1-2:30 pm: Swimming 
2:45-4:00 pm: Volleyball 

• Session 4: 
1-2:30 pm: Swimming 
2:45-4:00 pm: Basketball

2014-15 Home School Sessions

Dates coming soon!

Home School FAQ’s

1) Will there be trained lifeguards around for the swimming portion of the program? 
Yes. The UAB Campus Recreation Center always has at least two lifeguards monitoring the pool areas at all times.  

2) Where is the UAB Campus Recreation Center? 
The UAB Campus Recreation Center is located at 1501 University Blvd. Birmingham, AL 35294. 

3) Can I stay with my student during the program? 
Yes. While parents/guardians are not required to stay they are more than welcome to. Parents can enjoy our lounge areas which overlooks the pool or parents can enjoy our outside patio. 

4) Where do I park if I wish to stay? 
Public parking can be found in the 16th St. parking deck directly across the street from the UAB Campus recreation Center. 

5) Where can I drop my child off if I do not wish to stay?
Drop off for those pre-registered will take place at the back of the UAB Campus Recreation on 9th Ave. If the child/children are not pre-registered, then the parent will need to come in to “Membership Services” to register the child/children. 

6) What is the cost?
It is $15 for the first child in each immediate family and $10 for each succeeding child. These prices are per session. An immediate family with two children attending would pay $25 per session.

7) Where do I register?
You can register over the phone at 205-996-5038 or email recmembership@uab.edu. You can also stop by the UAB Campus Recreation Center Monday-Friday during normal business hours to sign up with Membership Services. *Those registering over the phone will need to come in for payment and to sign the appropriate documents before the session begins.

You can also view or download the manual here. (download .pdf)