A student in the African American Studies program. The African American Studies minor is a valuable addition to almost any major. It examines African life and culture, both on the African continent and in the US. Unlike most African American Studies programs in the humanities and social sciences, UAB's program lets you explore a much wider range of the African American experience in areas like medicine, nursing, public health, dentistry, business, and engineering. This understanding of multiculturalism is valued by employers in industries such as education, government, and business.


All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The minor requirements consist of 18 hours of required and approved courses:

Examination of seven core areas of African American Studies: History, Religion, Social Organization, Politics, Economics, Creative Production, and Psychology. Emphasizes major thematical theoretical and critical discourses of Black Studies, and its emergence as a political/social movement and discipline. Relates the latter to the complexity and diversity of contemporary movements such as Civil Rights, Free Speech, Black Power, and Afro-centricism. Majors and minors in African American Studies should complete this course before enrolling in any higher level AAS course. 3 hours.

Survey, history, and appreciation of African derived music and its presence in the United States from its earliest forms in spirituals, blues and jazz to contemporary forms of be-bop, hip-hop, reggae, and rap. 3 hours.

History and definition of the image of the African-ancestored people in the United States through cinema and television. 3 hours.

This courses examines and explores theory, research, and practice related to the study of psycho-social experiences from the worldview of Africans in America. 3 hours. Prerequisites: AAS 200 [Minimum Grade: C]

African aesthetics, African cosmology, and qualities of African spirituality. 3 hours.

Critical health issues affecting Black communities globally including HIV, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease/hypertension, malaria. 3 hours.

Course Catalog

A complete list of minor requirements and courses are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

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