Two Students Accepted for Membership in Honor Society

Two African American Studies Program students, Amy Kincaid Thomas and Martez Files, have been accepted into Ankh Maat Wedjau Honor Society of the National Council of Black Studies (NCBS).

NCBS logo. The honor society promotes scholarly study, research, publication, and other scholarly activity in the field of Africana Studies among students at academic institutions, and among academic professionals in the field of Africana studies. To be accepted into the society, students must be nominated by a faculty member at their academic institution and maintain high academic standards.

The NCBS is the leading organization of Black Studies professionals in the world. For more than 30 years they have been at the forefront of driving the development of Black/Africana Studies as a respected academic discipline. They also participate on the front lines of community issues throughout the African Diaspora. Their guiding philosophy is that education should engender both academic excellence and social responsibility.

Congratulations to Amy and Martez!