Lecture: The Naked Truth

Marvelyn Brown will give a lecture, sponsored by the African American Studies Program, on living with HIV/AIDS. Her lecture, entitled "The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful and (HIV) Positive," focuses on her personal story of living HIV positive.


Social Justice Lecture Series Launches

The Social Justice Lecture Series is an initiative jointly sponsored by the African American Studies Program, the Department of Justice Sciences, and the College of Arts & Sciences. The goals of the series include:

  • introducing a variety of social justice topics to the University and Birmingham communities,
  • focusing attention on these topics, and
  • challenging common assumptions about social justice while fostering critical thinking of social justice issues.


Exploring Cultural Identity, Masculinity and Hip Hop Music

Dr. DeReef Jamison, visiting assistant professor, will deliver a talk on “the relationship between cultural identity, masculinity, and hip hop music preference” to interested students and faculty.

Jamison’s talk examines and explores the idea that cultural identity plays a critical role in shaping African American perceptions of reality. An example of this phenomenon can be seen in perceptions of masculinity and hip hop music preference.