Affiliated Faculty

Melissa Daniels (Department of English)
Daniels specializes in nineteenth-century American and African American literature and culture, with a special emphasis on American literary realism. Her book manuscript, African American Realisms and the Romances of Race: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Literary History, explores how late nineteenth-century battles over the meanings of race, slavery, and genre created alternative modes of mimetic writing that borrowed heavily from ostensibly outdated discourses like the gothic, historical, and sentimental romance.

Jessie Dunbar (Department of English)
Dunbar specializes in African American and African Diasporic literatures; she has secondary interests in Russian and AfroCuban history, literature, and cultures. She has published in Biography. Her current book project, Democracy, Diaspora, and Disillusionment: Black Itinerancy and the Propaganda Wars, suggests that scholars recalibrate the earliest notable era of Russian influence on African American politics from the 20th century to the 19th century.

Pamela King (Department of History)
King's 30-plus year career has been on a dual track: one path in academia, and the other in historic preservation and public history. For the first 20 years she worked full-time as the first historic preservationist for the City of Birmingham and as a private consultant in the field; she also taught history as adjunct faculty at UAB and Miles College. The roles then reversed and she became full-time faculty and Director of Undergraduate Programs for the History Department, while remaining active in the fields of historic preservation and public history.

Angela Lewis (Department of Government)
Lewis is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Her research appears in the National Political Science Review, American Review of Politics, Journal of African American Studies, Polity, the International Journal of African Studies, Whose Black Politics, and The Constitutionalism of American States. She is the author of Conservatism in the Black Community: To the Right and Misunderstood.

Kevin Turner (Department of Music)
Turner is a native of Peoria, Illinois, and is a 25-year veteran of American Gospel Music, working with some of the finest choirs, artists, and institutions of music in the USA. Turner serves as Instructor of Music at the UAB Department of Music and is the founding director of the UAB Gospel Choir.