DeReef Jamison. Assistant Professor
(205) 975-9652 or 975-5342
Heritage Hall 318

DeReef Jamison’s research attempts to demonstrate the connections between Africana intellectual history and social science that are too often seen as disconnected. In particular, he examines how particular historical figures in the Africana intellectual tradition explore the notion of cultural consciousness. As a facilitator, Dr. Jamison encourages students to step outside the box and think critically about the world in which they live. In the spirit of those pioneering scholars in African American Studies that stressed academic excellence and social responsibility, he seeks to contribute to the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and assist in facilitating social change.

  • BS, Bowie State University, Psychology
  • MS, Florida A&M University, Community Psychology
  • PhD, Temple University, African American Studies

  • Jamison, D., “Black Psychological Conversations: A dialogue with Black psychologists about the major issues, concepts in themes in Black Psychology from 1974-1999,” The Griot (Fall Issue, 2015).
  • Jamison, D., “Cultural Misorientation,” in Encyclopedia of African Heritage in North America, Mwalimi J. Shujaa & Kenya J, Shujaa, ed. (Sage Publications, 2015):316-321.
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  • Introduction to African American Studies (AAS 200)
  • Black Psychology (AAS 325)
  • Psychology of Hip Hop (AAS 250)
  • African Aesthetics and Religion (AAS 330)
  • Research Methods (AAS 350)
  • African American Studies Organization
  • African American Psychology Student Association