Welcome to the Department of Anthropology at UAB

Anthropology is a social science discipline committed to the comparative and holistic study of humankind. It is the broadest in scope and the most methodologically diverse of the social sciences. No human group or culture, no matter where or when it existed, is beyond anthropological consideration. We are interested in both the past and the present. Our faculty study all aspects of human culture and evolution from a variety of perspectives and methodologies.

The Anthropology Department’s goal is to promote understanding of human diversity and cultures in the past and present. The four subfields of anthropology include archaeology, biological, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. We teach, train, and conduct research across the four subfields and in collaboration with many students and research colleagues in a range of disciplines. We aim to spread an understanding of cultural relativism (a respect for and tolerance of cultural difference) broadly, to the community and to our students.

What can I do with a degree in Anthropology?

General Anthropology career opportunities list