To complete the Bachelor of arts in anthropology you must complete 36 semester hours of course work, including 12 semester hours from an introductory sequence and 6 semester hours in advanced courses; and 18 hours of electives in Anthropology. You can also complete a minor in anthropology by completing 12 semester hours from a designated set of courses and 6 hours of electives.


Students must complete the following introductory course sequence:

ANTH101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH102 Introductory Physical Anthropology

ANTH106 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH120 Language and Culture

Students must also complete the following upper-division courses:

ANTH450 Advanced Cultural Anthropology

and any one of the following:

ANTH451 Advanced Archaeological Anthropology

ANTH 452 Advanced Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH453 Advanced Physical Anthropology


To complete the major requirement you must also complete an additional 18 semester hours of anthropology electives. You must complete a minimum of one 400-level course and two 300-level courses from this list. The remainder may include courses at any level.

No grade below C will be counted in the anthropology major. All majors may be required to complete an examination for program assessment purposes as a requirement for graduation. Performance on this examination will not affect your grade point average, nor will it be a factor in determining whether you qualify for the baccalaureate degree.



A student who wishes to complete an anthropology minor must complete at least 9 semester hours from the introductory course sequence and any one of ANTH450, ANTH451, ANTH 452, or ANTH453. Any two additional courses can be completed to satisfy the requirements of the minor. No grade below C will be counted towards the anthropology minor.