Anthropology Honors Program

Honors Program in Anthropology

The Anthropology Honors Program is designed to prepare students for advanced work at the graduate or professional level.





All regularly admitted students with a declared major in anthropology are eligible to enter the program, although continuing participation requires maintenance of an overall 3.0 GPA and a 3.25 GPA in anthropology.

Thirty-three semester hours in anthropology are required plus one of three statistics/foreign language options.
You will also be required to complete a minor.

You must complete the following introductory course sequence:

ANTH101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH102 Introductory Physical Anthropology

ANTH106 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH120 Language and Culture

You must also complete the following upper-division courses:

ANTH 498 Honors Thesis Research

and any one of the following:
ANTH451 Advanced Archaeological Anthropology

ANTH 452 Advanced Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH453 Advanced Physical Anthropology

To complete the honors curriculum you must also complete an additional 12 semester hours of anthropology electives and one of the following three options:

  1. Statistics and Computer Science: SOC 410 and CS 201 (8 semester Hours)
  2. A Statistics Course and two courses in a foreign language - demonstrated proficiency at the 102 level (12 semester hours)
  3. Three courses in a foreign language, including one at the 200-level or above - demonstrated proficiency at the 200 level (11 semester hours)


Students will benefit from the Anthropology Department Honors Program by acquiring additional research skills to successfully enter and compete in internationally-oriented graduate and professional programs. Students who complete the program will graduate “With Honors in Anthropology.”

For additional information and/or admission to the Anthropology Honors Program, contact the anthropology program director, Department of History and Anthropology, 322 Heritage Hall, Birmingham, AL 35294-3350; Telephone (205) 934-5634.

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