Chris Kyle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


1401 University Blvd.
HHB 317
Birmingham, AL 35294-1152


Dr. Kyle completed his Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1995. After teaching at several schools in New York City, and for two years at the University of Oklahoma, he joined the faculty at UAB in the fall of 1999. He is the author of “Feeding Chilapa: The birth, life, and death of a Mexican region” (University of Oklahoma Press, 2008), the coeditor (with Rani T. Alexander) of “Beyond the Hacienda: Agrarian relations and socioeconomic change in rural Mesoamerica” (special theme issue of Ethnohistory, 2003), and the author of several articles on economic and political aspects of rural Mexico.

Ph.D., Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, New York
M.Phil., Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, New York
M.A., Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, New York
BA, Humanities, Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado

Research Interests:
Dr. Kyle is currently engaged in research in two areas. The first involves the establishment of European-style towns and cities in sixteenth century New Spain (contemporary Mexico), particularly in regions where Augustinian friars established convents amid large indigenous populations. The second involves contemporary economic and political processes in southern Mexico. This work addresses the sociocultural consequences of newly enacted legislation that was designed to reorganize and strengthen the historically ineffectual Mexican legal system.

Teaching Areas:
Political economy of contemporary Latin America, especially Mexico Historical anthropology of Mexico

Recent Courses:

Introductory Cultural Anthropology Peoples of the World, Latin America Ethnography of Mexico The Conquest of Mexico Anthropology of Human Rights Advanced Cultural Anthropology