Science Channel Documentary to Feature UAB’s Sarah Parcak

sarah_parcak_sBy Marie Sutton

The work of University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Associate Professor of Anthropology Sarah Parcak, Ph.D., is the focus of a 60-minute Science Channel documentary that will air on Monday, Aug.12, at 9 p.m. CT. “What Lies Beneath: Roman Empire,” follows Parcak’s months-long trek across Rome’s expansive ancient kingdom as she uncovers long-buried sites she identified from space using remote-sensing technology.

Parcak, an expert in the field of remote sensing, uses satellite imagery to identify ancient sites around the world that were thought to be lost forever. Monday’s show will reveal how she traveled to Tunisia, Jordan, Italy and Romania and uncovered sites that included an amphitheater and the likely location of a famous lighthouse.

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Snapshots from Space Could Improve the Picture of Global Public Health

satellites1From space, the life-giving sweep of the Nile River is obvious.

By Laura Freeman

The next time you look up into the night sky and notice a satellite sailing across a sea of stars, remember this: There's a good chance it may be looking right back at you. Ever since Sputnik soared beyond the stratosphere in 1957, satellites have been revolutionizing communications and our understanding of the heavens. But today, a new capability called remote sensing has these world-wandering artificial stars poised to transform archaeology, medicine, and public health.

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Tracking Drug Violence in Guerrero, Mexico

By Carpeton Gillett

0612 mexico map1UAB anthropologist Chris Kyle, Ph.D., has been visiting the Mexican city of Chilapa for two decades as part of his research. In recent years, murders and other drug-related violence have ravaged once-sleepy Chilapa and the surrounding cities in the state of Guerrero (shown below, with Chilapa at center right). Newspapers and TV stations in Mexico have been intimidated into underreporting drug-related violence, Kyle says, but with the help of blogs and other online sources, he has begun to track the incidents year by year. Below, maps Kyle has produced for the years 2008 and 2009.

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Blood Meridian: Tracing Malaria’s Epic War with Humanity

By Matt Windsor

Lori Cormier knew she had to hurry. The young anthropologist had already seen several life-threatening malaria infections during her time among the Guaja hunter-gatherers of the Brazilian Amazon. Seizures were not a good sign.


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