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ceramics studio


We have all the necessary equipment for all aspects of
Ceramic Sculpture and Wheel Thrown Ceramics including:
Two Bluebird Clay Mixers [one for white bodies and one for brown bodies]
Three 60 gallon slip blungers
Six ConeArt electric cone 10 kilns
One 64 cu.ft. natural gas fired reduction kiln
One 64 cu.ft. natural gas fired salt kiln
Two raku kilns
Three Brent Slab Rollers
Five Randall Motorized Kick Wheels
Five Brent Electric Wheels
One Randall Clay Extruder
One BlueStar Clay Extruder
One 17" Target Refractory Saw
Separate Ventilated Spaces for Clay Mixing, Glaze Chemistry, Electric Kiln Firing and Plaster Casting