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Visiting Artist & Scholar Series

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The Visiting Artist and Scholar Series provide students, faculty and the Birmingham community with direct exposure to national and internationally known artists and scholars. In addition to the public lectures they give, visiting artists and scholars regularly engage with students through seminars, workshops and critiques. For more information about public lectures and events please visit the Events page.

FALL 2015–SPRING 2016 Series:
Merrilee Challiss // FALL 2015
Erika Doss // FALL 2015
Mark Golden // FALL 2015
Art Graham // FALL 2015
Roger May // FALL 2015
Ryder Richards // FALL 2015
Taylor Robinson // FALL 2015
Travis Somerville // FALL 2015
FALL 2014–SPRING 2015 Series:
Jessica Angel // SPRING 2015
Allison Beondé // SPRING 2015
Aaron Canipe // SPRING 2015
McNair Evans // SPRING 2015
Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi, Ph.D. // FALL 2014
Brandon Thibodeaux // SPRING 2015
Michael Velliquette // SPRING 2015

FALL 2013–SPRING 2014 Series:
Bob Adelman // FALL 2013 
Charles Spencer Anderson // FALL 2013
Amanda Browder // SPRING, SUMMER, FALL 2014
George Ferrandi
 // SPRING 2014
Jeannette Kohl // SPRING 2014
Michael Tabie
 // SPRING 2014
Leslie Wayne // SUMMER 2014

Past guests include:
Laurie Anderson
Tim Barringer
Dina Bangdel
Sarah Betzer
Christo and Jean Claude
Willie Cole
Tom Eccles
Peter Halley
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Jane Hammond
Andrew Hottle
Robert Irwin
Janice Leoshko
Sally Mann
Barbara Mooney
Leonard Nimoy
Kori Newkirk
Karim Rashid
David Sandlin
Andres Serrano
Robert Storr
Joyce Tenneson
Krista Thompson
Michael Yonan
John Waters