The 5th Year Masters of Science Program

"Squirt from the Cahaba" by Nicholas Galt. "Squirt from the Cahaba" by biology student Nicholas Galt. Students can participate in a range of research opportunities within the Department and among other associated programs within UAB. For those who desire a full research experience, the 5th Year Masters of Science Program allows students to be dual-enrolled as a BS and MS student after completing 60 credit hours towards their BS degree. For many of these, qualified students have the opportunity to earn a BS and an MS degree in Biology in a total of five years or less.

If you join this program you will be provided a mentored scientific research experience and earn an advanced graduate degree in combination with your undergraduate study. You will work closely with a faculty member in an area of intensive research to prepare you for a PhD program in the biological sciences, a future health professions career, or a career in teaching at the college level.

For additional information, read about the admission requirements and program basics and get detailed information on research proposals, committees, thesis requirements, and teaching opportunities. You can also contact Dr. Stephen Watts, Graduate Program Director, for more information about the program.