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Department of Biology Faculty Members
Name Position/Specializaton  Phone Number
Charles Amsler Professor, Marine Ecophysiology and Chemical Ecology 205-975-5622
Steven N. Austad Department Chair, Biology of Aging and the Evolution of Life Histories 205-934-8302
Asim K. Bej Professor, Microbial Molecular Genetics and Microbial Extremophiles 205-934-9587
Peggy Biga Assistant Professor, Physiology and Developmental Biology 205-934-9684
Anne Cusic Associate Professor, Freshmen Biology for Majors 205-934-9686
Vithal Ghanta Professor, Cancer Immunology 205-934-4482
Roger Gilchrist Assistant Professor, Human Physiology 205-934-3526
David T. Jenkins Professor, Mycology 205-934-3664
James McClintock Professor, Polar and Marine Biology, Aquatic and Marine Invertebrate Ecology   Chemical Ecology, Ocean Acidification 205-975-2525
Jeff Morris Assistant Professor, Experimental Evolution and Discovery-based Microbiology  205-934-9498
Karolina Mukhtar Assistant Professor, Plant Molecular Biology 205-934-8340
Shahid M. Mukhtar Assistant Professor, Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics 205-934-8335
Mickie Lynn Powell Research Assistant Professor, Invertebrate Physiology 205-934-8313
Samiksha Raut Assistant Professor, General Biology 205-934-9680
Nicole Riddle Assistant Professor, Epigenetics and Chromatin Structure  
Robert W. Thacker Professor, Ecology and Systematics 205-934-4006
Trygve O. Tollefsbol Professor, Gene Regulation in Cancer and Aging 205-934-4573
Dan Warner Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Ecology 205-934-9674
R. Douglas Watson Professor, Endocrinology and Developmental Biology 205-934-8308
Stephen A. Watts Professor, Nutrition, Model Aquatic Organisms, Ecophysiology, Sustainability 205-934-2045
Thane Wibbels Professor, Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles 205-934-4419