fifth year details

5th Year Master of Science Program in Biology


Program Basics

  • An undergraduate program (120 credit hours) leading to a B.S. in Biology
  • A 30-credit hour M.S. program under thesis option (Plan I)
  • A supervised teaching experience
  • Work with a faculty mentor from Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Public Health, Health Related Professions, social and Behavioral Sciences, or Engineering
  • A thesis of sufficient quality and scope to lead to at least one publishable paper
  • At least one presentation at a regional, national, or international scientific conference


What are the Advantages?

  • Offers mentorship during undergraduate study
  • Supplements professional degrees such as M.D.
  • Prepares for Ph.D. programs
  • Builds teaching skills for academic careers
  • Widens possibilities for employment


What are the Requirements?


  • Provisional as a freshman
  • Full admission as a junior (60 credit hours of course work completed)


  • 3.25 grade point average
  • GRE test completed by Fall of senior year
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Interview with the admissions committee



Dr. Stephen Watts, Graduate Program Director

Department of Biology, CH 375