Individually Designed Major

Individually Designed Major - Environmental Sciences


To complete the individually designed major in Environmental Sciences you must complete 67 - 76 semester hours of course work, including 4 semester hours in mathematics, 12 semester hours in chemistry, 26 semester hours in biology, 8 semester hours in physics, and 7 semester hours in earth/environmental science. You must also complete 17 semester hours of major elective courses from the fields of biology, civil engineering, geographic information systems, or environmental sciences.


Course Requirements

Complete the following courses:



MA 125 Calculus I*



CH 115 General Chemistry I and CH 116 General Chemistry Laboratory

CH 117 General Chemistry II and CH 118 General Chemistry II Laboratory

CH 235 Organic Chemistry I and CH 236 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory


PH 201 College Physics I and PH 201L College Physics Lab I

PH 202 College Physics II and PH 202L College Physics Lab II


BY 123 Introductory Biology I

BY 124 Introductory Biology II

BY 210 Genetics

BY 271 Biology of Microorganisms


Two of the following:

BY 255 Invertebrate Zoology

BY 256 Vertebrate Zoology

BY 260 Botany


And one of:

BY 407 Microbial Ecology

BY 470 Ecology


Earth Science

ES 101 Physical Geology and ES 102 Physical Geology Lab


Environmental Science

ENV 108  Human Populations and the Earth's Enviromnment


Major Electives

17 hours of electives from Biology, Civil Engineering, or Environmental Sciences numbered 300 or higher.


Students must complete the UAB core curriculum and school-wide requirements along with additional elective courses (usually 17-26 hours) to reach the minimum total required (120 hours) for graduation.

* You must take whatever preparatory math courses you need to enable you to complete MA125.