David T. Jenkins

Professor, Mycology


(205) 934-3664
(205) 975-6097
Ph.D. (Botany), 1974, University of Tennessee

Research Description:

Research in my laboratory involves taxonomic, nomenclature and culture studies of subdivision Basidiomycotina, order Agaricales of the fungal kingdom.

More specifically. these studies focus on the differentiation and correct name determination of the various genera of mushrooms, as well as determination of their ability to grow in laboratory culture.

My authority concerns the genus Amanita. Because of numerous conspicuous characteristics, this is one of the more popular genera of mushrooms, yet one of the lesser studied. Scientists give names to new species of the genus without searching the literature for species already published or names already in use. This lack of analysis has necessitated extensive refurbishing of the taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus. I have completed a monographic study of one section of the genus. In addition, I have published genera studies and have named several new species.

Representative Publications:

Jenkins, D.T. 1986. Amanitas of North America. Mad River Press, Eureka, California. 198 pages.

Miller, O.K., D.T. Jenkins and P. Dery. 1986. Mycorrhiza synthesis at Amanita muscarie var.persicina with hard pines. Mycotaxon 26:168-172.

Jenkins, D.T. 1988. A New Species of Amanita from North America: Amanita levistriata. Mycotaxon 32:415-419.

Miller, O.K., Ellen Trueblood, and D.T. Jenkins. 1990. Three New Species of Amanita From Southwestern Idaho and Southeastern Oregon. Mycologia 82(1): 120-128.