Faculty Research Projects Involving Students

The Department of Biology maintains an active student research program that welcomes biological sciences majors.   A faculty-mentored student research project is an excellent way to prepare for a career, graduate school, and the pre-health professions.  The Biological Sciences faculty are always looking for enthusiastic, motivated students to become involved in their research projects.  Check the faculty directory for more detailed information on the research interests of specific faculty members.

  • Charles D. Amsler - Marine Ecophysiology and Chemical Ecology
  • Robert A. Angus - Environmental Toxicology
  • Asim K. Bej - Microbial Molecular Genetics
  • Robert U. Fischer - Aquatic Ecology, Fisheries Biology, and Physiological Ecology
  • Joseph J. Gauthier - Applied and Environmental Microbiology
  • Vithal K. Ghanta - Cancer Immunology
  • David T. Jenkins - Mycology
  • Daniel D. Jones (Professor Emeritus) - Environmental Microbiology
  • David W. Kraus - Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry of Marine Invertebrates
  • Ken R. Marion - Animal Natural History and Aquatic Environmental Biology
  • James B. McClintock - Physiology and Ecology of Aquatic and Marine Invertebrates
  • Robert W. Thacker - Marine and Freshwater Ecology
  • Trygve O. Tollefsbol - Gene Regulation in Cancer and Aging
  • R. Douglas Watson - Endocrinology and Developmental Biology
  • Stephen A. Watts - Aquatic and Marine Biology
  • Thane Wibbels - Reproductive Physiology


How can you get involved? Make appointments with faculty that are conducting research in your area of interest and discuss potential projects you could get involved in.  Once you decide on a faculty member to work with, discuss how many credits you will enroll in (and the time commitment involved), and then see your advisor to talk about registering for research.