UAB’s Disability Advocates Organization (DAO) is a student-lead group dedicated to shattering stigmas surrounding disabilities to create an inclusive and uplifting community for all students here at UAB. Our group organizes fun and interactive events around campus to help educate our school community on different disabilities, and to encourage students to “see the ability, not the disability.”

The Genetics Club's main purposes are to:
  • meet and discuss current issues and discoveries in the field of genetics
  • enrich UAB students with a passion for genetics
  • provide opportunities for students to learn more about the field through guest lectures
  • introduce career opportunities in the field of genetics.

​The Marine and Field Biology Club is focused on:
  • promoting the disciplines of marine and field biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • encouraging understanding and interest in marine and field biology
  • educating students on various careers involving marine and field biology
  • promoting conservation of natural resources and sustainable practices.

The Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honors Society is a national society devoted to the promotion of research and academic excellence in the biological sciences. Membership is by invitation only. You must be a biology major and have:

  • a 3.0 GPA in biology courses
  • a 3.0 overall GPA
  • 15 hours of Biology classes