Biology pre-dental information

Biology, Pre-Dental Information


Dental schools require a minimum of two years of college work before the student is eligible for admission. Although some dental schools do accept students with only two or three years of college work, all schools accept the majority of their students from those who have already earned a baccalaureate degree. Therefore, a student should plan to complete a baccalaureate degree before leaving UAB.  Pre-dental should be listed as an attribute, which is your designated area of interest related to your future career. All students interested in a career in medicine should consult with the Pre-professional Advisors located in the Hill University Center, Room 318 (205-934-6135) for information regarding admission requirements for specific medical schools.

The average GPA of entering dental students has been around 3.5. The student must also score well on the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Students apply through a centralized application service (AADSAS) in the fall preceding their entrance year. Be aware of, and meet application deadlines!

Students may major in any field, but MUST meet the following minimum course requirements:


English - 6 semester hours

EH 101 English Composition

EH 102 English Composition II


Chemistry - 12 to 21 semester hours

8 semester hours in general chemistry; minimum of 4 semester hours in organic chemistry, 7 semester hours recommended.

CH 115 General Chemistry I and CH 116 General Chemistry Laboratory

CH 117 General Chemistry II and CH 118 General Chemistry II Laboratory

CH 235 Organic Chemistry I and CH 236 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CH 237 Organic Chemistry II and CH 238 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory


Physics - 8 semester hours

PH 201 College Physics I and PH 201L College Physics Lab I

PH 202 College Physics II and PH 202L College Physics Lab II


Biology - 6 semester hours minimum

BY 123 Introductory Biology I

BY 124 Introductory Biology II

Anatomy, Microbiology, Animal Physiology, Genetics, Histology Highly Recommended.


Dental schools recommend that their applicants have broad educational backgrounds, with courses from the social sciences, humanities, behavioral sciences, fine arts, foreign languages, speech, and economics, but not necessarily to the exclusion of such courses as biochemistry and microbiology. Because of the manipulative nature of the profession, courses in art and sculpting are also useful. General information about dentistry and important links can be found at the American Dental Education Association or American Dental Association web sites.


For additional information, please contact departmental academic advisors:

Ovuke` Emonina
Seniors, Post-Baccalaureates, and 5th Year students
Room: CH 102

Britney Giles
Freshmen, Sophomors, and Juniors, with last names beginning A-K
Room: 100

Tyna Adams
Freshmen, Sophomors, and Juniors, with last names beginning L-Z
Room: CH101