Biology pre-optometry information

Biology, Pre-Optometry Information


Candidates for admission to the UAB School of Optometry must have completed a minimum of 90-semester hours or 135-quarter hours, the equivalent of three years of college education, prior to matriculation. Preference is given to applicants who have received their 4 year degree or will receive their degree prior to matriculation. Although it is not required to have a science degree it is important since science majors typically perform better. If you are going to obtain a degree in a major other than a science you need to excel in the required science courses. Pre-optometry should be listed as an attribute, which is your designated area of interest related to your future career. All students interested in a career in optometry should consult with the Pre-professional Advisors located in the Hill University Center, Room 318 (205-934-6135).

The average GPA of the entering class for the past several years has been above 3.50. Other important criteria considered in the admission decision are the optometry entrance exam (OAT) score, personal interview, extracurricular activities, community service and shadowing experience.


Course Requirements

English - 2 Semesters

EH 101 English Composition

EH 102 English Composition II


Biochemistry - 1 semester

CH 460 Fundamentals of Biochemistry


Biology - 2 semesters

BY 123 Introductory Biology I

BY 124 Introductory Biology II


Chemistry - 2 semesters

CH 115 General Chemistry I and CH 116 General Chemistry Laboratory

CH 117 General Chemistry II and CH 118 General Chemistry II Laboratory

Microbiology - 1 semester

BY 261 Introduction to Microbiology


Organic Chemistry - 1 semester

CH 235 Organic Chemistry I and CH 236 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory


Physics - 8 semester hours

PH 201 College Physics I and PH 201L College Physics Lab I

PH 202 College Physics II and PH 202L College Physics Lab II


Calculus: 1 semester

Psychology: 1 semester

Statistics: 1 semester

Social & Behavioral Sciences: 2 semesters


Strongly recommended courses:

Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology


Helpful Information:

The School of Optometry utilizes OptomCAS, the Optometry Centralized Application Service at Once your OptomCAS application has been submitted, please complete the UABSO supplemental application found on the OptomCAS website. Apply early! UABSO is on a rolling admissions system which means that as soon as applications are received from qualified candidates, the scheduling of interviews begins.


For additional Information, please contact departmental academic advisors:

Ovuke` Emonina
Seniors, Post-Baccalaureates, and 5th Year students
Room: CH 102

Britney Giles
Freshmen, Sophomors, and Juniors, with last names beginning A-K
Room: 100

Tyna Adams
Freshmen, Sophomors, and Juniors, with last names beginning L-Z
Room: CH101