English as a second language?

Students at Heritage Hall

One of the most outstanding attributes of the Department of Biology at UAB is its amazing diversity of international students. As such, the department and its faculty wishes to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed in your course work and college life.

Below are a list of seven easy tips


  1. Don’t be bashful. Let your instructors know that English is your second language.
  2. Take advantage of class study groups where you can go over material at your pace.
  3. Tape lectures with your instructors’ permission. Transcribe your tape to notes.
  4. Meet regularly with your Biology advisor. They are experts and can help!
  5. Visit the UAB English Resource Center - Here you can get assistance with both oral and written English.
  6. Visit the UAB Writing Center - Here you will find tutors and instructional workshops.
  7. Frustrated and out of options? UAB student counselors are there for you.

And remember – you are not alone! There are secondary English speakers in just about every class you take! Share your stories and help each other!