Chemistry Seminars Fall 2014

Venue: CHEM 101 - 901 14th Street South at 11:00 a.m. (Thursdays unless specified)

Date       Speaker   Title
Aug 22
  Mrs. Kate Hayden, Graduate Student, Department of Chemistry, UAB - FINAL DEFENSE
CHEM 101 at 10:00 a.m.
  Understanding Non-Helical Nuclease Resistant DNAs and Their Roles in TLR9 Mediated Cellular Invasion
Aug 28   Dr. Kurt R. Zinn, Department of Radiology, UAB   Molecular Imaging, Personalized Medicine, and the Importance of Chemistry
Sep 4   Dr. Jeffrey Albert, CEO and Director of Chemistry, IntelliSyn, Montreal, Canada   Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD):  Emergence, methodology, and impact as a fundamental tool in drug discovery
Sep 11   Dr. Kathryn Kloepper, Mercer University, GA   TBA
Sep 18   Dr. Jimmy W. Mays, Department of Chemistry, Univ of Tennessee at Knoxville   TBA
Sep 25   Mr. Nate Scull, Chemistry graduate student, UAB   TBA
Oct 2   Ms. Bing Xue, Chemistry graduate student, UAB   TBA
Oct 9   Dr. Jack Dunkle, Department of Biochemistry, Emory University   TBA
Oct 23   Dr. Peng George Wang, Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University   TBA
Oct 30   Dr. Charles Lake, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University of Pennsylvania   TBA
Nov 6   Mr. Robert Hammond, Chemistry graduate student, UAB   TBA
Nov 13   Dr. Amala Dass, Department of Chemistry, University of Mississippi   TBA
Nov 20
  Dr. Yuping Bao, Ctr for Mat for Info Tech, Chem and Bio Eng, University of Alabama   TBA
Dec 4   Dr. Martin Edwards, VP, Oncology, WWMC   TBA