Polymer Molecular and Physical Characterization

List of Equipment

Our facilities for characterization include:

  • PerSeptive Biosystems Voyager Elite DE MALDI/TOF/MS with linear and reflectron detectors and Interplate LC fraction collector (Advantec SF-2120);
  • Jupiter Instrument Company membrane osmometer;
  • UIC Inc. Vapor Pressure Osmometer Model 070;
  • Waters Alliance size exclusion chromatograph with photodiode array and differential refractometer detectors;
  • Two Waters Size Exclusion Chromatographs, incorporating Model 515 pumps and model 410 differential refractometers;
  • A LDC/Milton Roy Spectrophotometer 3 tunable UV detector and a Viscotek Model 100 differential viscometer serve as additional detectors;
  • LC transform fraction collector for MALDI and FTIR;
  • Waters 510 pump is also available;
  • Three Chromatix KMX-6 low-angle laser light scattering photometers and one Wyatt Technology DAWN-DSP multi-angle laser light scattering photometer (these instruments may be used off-line or on-line as detectors for SEC);
  • Otsuka Electronics DRM-1020 double beam differential refractometer;
  • Brice-Phoenix differential refractometer;
  • Perkin-Elmer Sigma 3B gas chromatograph;
  • Three vacuum ovens;
  • Mettler differential scanning calorimeter (DSC30) and thermogravimetric analyzer (TG 50).