Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry


Department of Chemistry
University of Alabama at Birmingham
901 14th Street South
Suite 201
Birmingham AL 35294


B.S. – Tsinghua University
Ph.D. – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Interests

The main focus of our research centers on discovery of novel organic reactions and development of new methodologies for applications in organic synthesis, biochemical and biophysical research, medicinal chemistry, and materials science. Our ongoing research projects range from photolabile protecting group development and application to development of new glycosylation methods for step-economical synthesis of carbohydrate-based vaccines and saponin adjuvants.


Undergraduate Courses:  
Introductory Chemistry II (CH 107)
Organic Chemistry I (CH235)
Organic Chemistry II (CH 237)

Graduate Courses:
Electron Pushing and Total Synthesis (CH 739)
Foundations of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (CH 701)*
Organic Reactions and Synthesis (CH 732)**
Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery (CH 771)**
* Team taught courses
** Guest lectures