Charles L. Watkins

Professor, Physical Inorganic Chemistry


Charles L. Watkins, Professor of Chemistry, (b. 1942), did graduate work at the University of Florida ( M.S. 1966, Ph.D. 1968) with Dr. W. S. Brey in physical chemistry where he was a NASA Trainee. He completed two years of postdoctoral study in NMR spectroscopy at the University of North Carolina before joining UAB in 1970. His research centers on the applications of NMR spectroscopy to fundamental problems in inorganic chemistry and biochemistry.

My research involves the study of the reaction chemistry of group 13, 14, and 15 element - containing compounds by application of NMR spectroscopic, X-ray structural , and theoretical calculation techniques. First, chemical reactivity studies using variable - temperature, multinuclear 1-D and 2-D NMR methods are conducted on the reaction system. Then, the information gained from the NMR studies is employed in rational synthesis design. New series of main group compounds or compounds having novel chemical structures synthesized by this approach include aminoalanes, aminogallanes, arsines, stibines, and orthometalated Al-N and Ga-N containing species. For each new series of compounds, data derived from x-ray, NMR, and calculation or modeling studies are analyzed in order to determine any basic structure - activity relationships within the series, or to gain additional fundamental information not available from any one given technique. For example, correlations of distances obtained from X-ray data with 2-D NOESY NMR data are often critical in determining chemical shift assignments for highly crowded or complicated spectra.

Information gained from the above studies is of current interest due to the materials chemistry emphasis on main group elements for electronics and ceramics applications.

Selected Publications
C. B. Lagrone, S. J. Schauer, C. J. Thomas, G. M. Gray, L. K. Krannich, and C. L. Watkins, "Reactivity of R2AlH(R=Me, Bui) with Selected Aminoarsines and Secondary Amines", Organometallics, 15, 2458-2464 (1996).

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Steven J. Schauer, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, and Larry K. Krannich, "Synthesis and Molecular Structure of an Orthometallated Aminogallane, [MeGaN(CH2C6H4)(CH2Ph)]2", Organometallics, 15, 5641-5644 (1996).

Steven J. Schauer, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, Larry K. Krannich,and David H. Powell, "Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Aminogallanes, [Me2GaR]2. The Crystal Structures of [Me2GaN(CH2Ph)2]2 and [Me2GaN(CH2CH2)2NMe]2", J. Organomet. Chem. ,549, 31-37 (1997).

Eric K. Styron, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, and Larry K. Krannich, "Synthesis and Characterization of an Orthometalated Aminoalane, [MeAlN(CH2Ph)-µ-(CH2C6H4)]2: Molecular Structures of [MeAlN(CH2Ph)-µ- (CH2C6H4)]2 and [MeAlN(CH2Ph)2]2 ", Organometallics, 17, 4319-4321(1998).

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Maheswaran Hariharasarma, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, and Gary M. Gray, "Synthesis, Reactions, and X-ray Crystal Structures of Metallocrown Ethers with Unsymmetrical Bis(phosphinite) and Bis(phosphite) Ligands Derived from 2-Hydroxy-2'-(1,4-bisoxo-6-hexanol)-1,1'-biphenyl", J. Organomet. Chem., 580, 328-338 (1999).

Eric K. Stryon, Charles H. Lake, Steven J. Schauer, Charles L. Watkins, and Larry K. Krannich, " Reactivity of Triethylaluminum with a Series of Secondary Amines: Adduct and Aminoalane Dimer Synthesis and Characterization; the crystal structures of [Et2AlN(c-C6H11)2]2 and [Et2AlNC4H8NCH3]2", Polyhedron, 18, 1599-1606 (1999).

Eric K. Styron, Steven J. Schauer, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, and Larry K. Krannich, " Reactivity Studies of Trimethylaluminum, Trimethylgallium, and Trimethylindium with a Series of Five Silylamines. Molecular Structure of trans-[Me2InN(Me)SiMe3]2", J. Organomet. Chem. (In Press).

Maheswaran Hariharasarma, Charles H. Lake, Charles L. Watkins, and Gary M. Gray, " A 31P and X-ray Crystallographic Study of Atropisomerism in cis-Tetracarbonylmolybdenum(0) and cis-Dichloroplatinum(II) Complexes of (±)-6,6'-[[1,1'-Biphenyl]-2,2'-diylbis-dibenzo[d,f][1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin and (±)-6,6'-[[1,1'-Binaphthyl]-2,2'-diylbis(oxy)]bis-dibenzo[d,f][1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin Ligands", Organometallics (In Press).