Student Affiliates American Chemical Society (SAACS)

Our Mission

The UAB SAACS has been formed to address issues facing undergraduate chemistry majors and foster the awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. The chapter shall facilitate academic and professional development, research and presentation experiences, and instill departmental spirit and professional pride.


  • SAACS Officers
President - Calla McCulley  

Vice President of Internal Affairs - Brandi Hendrix  

Vice President of External Affairs - Nicholas Boyle 

Secretary - Marina Triplett 

Treasurer - Aaron Stuber 

Historian - Dana Pham-Hua 

Outreach Coordinator - Rebecca Smith

To Join Us:

If you would like to join the SAACS email list or if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Also, look for our Facebook group!

SAACS is selling t-shirts for $10.00. "Experiment with a Chemist" is printed on the front with a picture of "Blaze" decked out with lab goggles and an erlenmeyer flask on the back. 
Buy from Dr. Nikles in CHEM 283.  T-Shirts are green and in a variety of sizes. 
Payment is due upon pick-up.