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Academic Honor Societies

Congratulations if you are planning to be an honor student at UAB! As you progress through the University, pursuing and achieving success, the honor society options available to you provide many advantages. In the words of the Association of College Honor Societies,

"Honor society membership, like most worthwhile things in life, does not come easily. Therefore, when an invitation to membership arrives, it truly is a matter of honor, reflecting exceptional academic achievement and perhaps outstanding campus leadership and service.

"The organizations listed on the web site below meet the high standards of the Association of College Honor Societies. Certain societies induct first-year students while others elect only upper-class or graduate students; some include all academic fields, while others focus on specialized areas such as English or engineering. But all of the societies bestow honor, recognition, and lifetime distinction.

"Don't let the Greek names fool you. College honor societies are not social clubs or political organizations, nor is membership in them a path to instant success. Honor society members are people—like you—with similar interests and high achievements. They are eager to advance scholarship, ethics, and professionalism in their academic disciplines. Consider these benefits college honor societies offer: Honor societies recognize your outstanding achievement, enrich your education, help you make career choices, and advance your professional career."

You will find here descriptions of the general academic honor societies so that you may better understand the advantages. Each does require an initiation fee of between $25 and $60. Note also that some of the discipline-specific and other honor societies are listed as examples.
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