Chemistry Education Electives

Complete one of the following courses:

CH 440 - Transition Metal Chemistry

Relationship between bonding, structure, and properties of compounds including reactions, mechanisms, and catalysis of or- ganometallic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Prerequisite: CH345 with grade C or better.
Credit Hours: 3

CH 450 - Instrumental Analysis

Focus on modern analytical chemistry instrumentation including chemical separations, spectroscopies (atomic absorption, infra- red, UV-visible, fluorescence), nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, and thermal analysis. Laboratory correlated with lecture material.

Prerequisite: CH 355 with a grade of C or better and concurrent enrollment in CH 450L.
Credit Hours: 4

CH 450L - Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Instrumental Analysis Lab required with CH 450 lecture.
Credit Hours: 0


CH 461 - Advanced Biochemistry I 

Protein structure and function, enzymology, DNA structure, prokaryotic replication, transcription, and protein synthesis. Mem- brane structure and function, carbohydrate structure and function. Methods for isolating and characterizing macromolecule structure and function including chromatography, gel electrophoresis, CD, UV, and fluorescence spectroscopy, mass spectros- copy, X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Prerequisite: CH 460 with a C or better
Credit Hours: 3

CH 462 - Advanced Biochemistry II 

Continuation of Advanced Biochemistry I focusing on eukaryotic replication, transcription, translation, regulation of gene ex- pression, genomics, proteomics, biological signaling. Prerequisites: CH 461 with a C or better.
Credit Hours: 3

CH 463 - Biochemistry Laboratory

Introduction to modern analytical techniques used for the isolation and characterization of biological macromolecules.
Prerequisites: CH 460 or CH 461.
Credit Hours: 3

CH 464 - Physical Biochemistry Laboratory

Physical/analytical approaches toward determination of macromolecular structures, ligand binding, and enzymology.
Prerequisites: CH 325 and CH 355 and CH 460 with a grade of C or better or permission of instructor.
Credit Hours: 3

CH 465 - Structural Biochemistry

Principles of macromolecular structure, emphasizing proteins, nucleic acids, and macromolecular assemblies. Computational methods used to teach principles and modeling software used for construction of computer models of proteins and nucleic acids.
Prerequisites: CH 325 and CH 461. Lecture and computer Laboratory
Credit Hours: 3

CH 471 - Medicinal Chemical and Drug Discovery

Emphasis in design and synthesis strategies for biologically active compounds directed toward common macromolecular drug targets. Selected examples of successful design for clinically used drug classes are presented.
Prerequisites: CH 237 and CH 460.
Credit Hours: 3 

CH 472 - Chemistry of Natural Products

The principal focus of this course will be the introduction of synthesis and medicinal chemistry of natural products. Drug dis- covery using natural products, with specific examples in the areas of antibacterial, anticancer, and analgesic drugs will be introduced. An overview of structural classes, biosynthetic pathways and application of asymmetric synthesis in the synthesis of specific examples from each class will be discussed. This course is intended for undergraduate students at the senior level.
Prerequisites: CH 234 or CH 235 and 236 and 237 and 238 or 239 with a grade of B or better.
Credit Hours: 3

CH 480 - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry I

Structure and properties of crystalline and amorphous polymers; polymer processing; correlation of polymer structure with processability and performance.
Prerequisites: CH 237, or permission of instructor or MSE 254, and concurrent enrollment in CH 480L.
Credit Hours: 4 

CH 481 - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry II 

Synthesis and characterization of polymers: polymerization reaction kinetics and mechanisms; polymer solution properties.
Prerequisites: CH 480 and concurrent enrollment in CH 481L
Credit Hours: 4

CH 481L - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry II Laboratory

Introduction to Polymer Chemistry II Laboratory required with CH 481 lecture.
Credit Hours: 0 

CH 497 - Senior Research

Designed to explore the impacts of chemical innovations on society, and will challenge students to consider ethical use of chemical innovations and broader impacts of Chemistry in society. Writing assignments structured to build on scientific reasoning.

Prerequisites: CH 237

Credit Hours: 3