PH 222 General Physics II

Second term of introductory, calculus-based general physics sequence covering electricity and magnetism, Coulomb's Law, electric fields, Gauss' Law, potential, capacitors and dielectrics, Ohm's Law, DC circuits, magnetic fields, Ampere's Law, Biot-Savart Law, Faraday's Law, inductance, AC circuits, geometrical and physical optics. Lecture and laboratory.
Prerequisite: MA 126 and PH 221

Co-requisites: PH222L and PH222R

Credit Hours: 4


PH 221R General Physics II Recitation
First term of non-calculus based physics. Linear and planar motion, Newton s Law, work and energy, gravitation, momentum, rigid body motion, statics, elasticity, oscillations, waves, sound, fluids, ideal gases, heat, and thermodynamics. Lecture and laboratory.
Co-Requisite: PH 222
Credit Hours: 0