Research Funding

The research work carried out in my group would not have been possible without the support from funding agencies. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the research funding made available to us by the following agencies.

• University of Pennsylvania: Improved Therapies for MPS-I (Co-PI)
• American Heart Association (Grant No: 0865323E - PI)
• American Heart Association (Grant No: 0855076E, Co-PI)
• Alabama Drug Discovery Alliance (PI)
• Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences: Translational Research Grant (PI)
• Comprehensive Cancer Center: Collaborative Programmatic Development Grant PI)
• Faculty Development Grant (PI)
• Breast Spore Pilot Grant (PI)
• NIH, R21 A1053821 (Co-PI)

In addition, the start up funds, labs and other infrastructure provided by UAB chemistry department is also gratefully acknowledged.

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