Complete List of Publications

1.  Nadkarni, D. H., Murugesan, S. and Velu, S. E., Total synthesis of zyzzyanones A-D, Tetrahedron, 2013, 69, 4105-4113.

2.  Chen, D., Wang, W., Wang, M-H., Wang, H., Murugesan, S., Nadkarni, D. H., Velu, S. E. and Zhang, R.; The ZAK-MKK4-JNK-TGFβ Signaling Pathway Is a Molecular Target for Novel   Synthetic Iminoquinone Analog BA-TPQ in Breast Cancer Cells; Current Cancer Drug Targets, 2013, 13, 651-660.

3.   Nguyen, T., Nadkarni, D., Dutta, S., Xu, S., Kim, S., Murugesan, S. and Velu, S. E., Synthesis of Pyrroloquinones via a CAN Mediated Oxidative FreeRadical Reaction of 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds with Aminoquinones, Journal of Chemistry, 2013, IN PRESS.

4.  Keeling, K. M., Wang, D., Dai, Y., Murugesan, S., Chenna, B., Clark, J., Belakhov, V., Kandasamy, J., Velu, S. E., Baasov, T. and Bedwell, D. M., Attenuation of Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Enhances In Vivo Nonsense Suppression, PLOS ONE, 2013, 8, e60478.

5.  Jarboe, J.S., Dutta, S., Velu, S.E. and Willey, C.D., “Mini-Review: Bmx Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy”; Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery, 2013, 8, 228-238.

6.  Nag, S., Nadkarni, D. H., Qin, J-J., Voruganti, S. Nguyen, T., Xu, S., Wang, W., Wang, H., Velu, S.E., Zhang, R., “Anticancer Activity and Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Makaluvamines and Analogues”, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, 2012, 4, 69-81.

7.   Zhang, X., Xu, H., Zhang, X., Voruganti, S., Murugesan, S., Nadkarni, D.H., Velu, S.E., Wang, M-H., Wang, W., Zhang, R., “Preclinical Evaluation of Anticancer Efficacy and Pharmacological Properties of FBA-TPQ, a Novel Synthetic Makaluvamine Analog”, Marine Drugs, 2012, 10, 1138-1155.

8.   McMichael, M., Nguyen, T., Saunders, T., Lee, P., Schormann, N., Chattopadhyay, D., Velu, S.E., “Structure Based Design of Inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi DHFR as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Chagas’ Disease”, Inquiro, 2012, 5, 54-59.

9.   Chen, T., Xu, Y., Guo, H., Liu, Y., Hu, P., Yang, X., Li, X., Ge, S., Velu, S.E., Nadkarni, D.H., Wang, W., Zhang, R., and Wang, H., Experimental therapy of ovarian cancer with synthetic makaluvamine analog: in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity and molecular mechanisms of action. PLoS One, 2011. 6(6): p. e20729.

10.  Anderson, J.T., Zeng, M., Li, Q., Stapley, R., Moore, D.R., 2nd, Chenna, B., Fineberg, N., Zmijewski, J., Eltoum, I.E., Siegal, G.P., Gaggar, A., Barnes, S., Velu, S.E., Thannickal, V.J., Abraham, E., Patel, R.P., Lancaster, J.R., Jr., Chaplin, D.D., Dransfield, M.T., and Deshane, J.S., Elevated levels of NO are localized to distal airways in asthma. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 2011, 50, 1679-88.

11.  Li, H.; Ezell, S. J.; Wang, W.; Xu, H.; Rayburn, E. R.; Zhang, X.; Gurpinar, E.; Yang, X.; Sommers, C. I.; Velu, S. E.; Zhang, R.’ Development and validation of an HPLC method for quantitation of BA-TPQ, a novel iminoquinone anticancer agent, and an initial pharmacokinetic study in mice, Biomedical Chromatography, 2011, 25, 628-634.

12.  Chenna, B.C.; King, J.R.; Shinkre, B.A.; Glover, A.L.; Lucius, A.L.; and Velu, S.E., Synthesis and structure activity relationship studies of novel Staphylococcus aureus Sortase A inhibitors, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2010, 45, 3572-3761.

13.  Ezell, S. J.; Li, H.; Xu, H.; Zhang, X.; Gurpinar, E.; Zhang, X.; Rayburn, E. R.;Sommers, C. I.; Yang, X; Velu, S. E.; Wang, W. and Zhang, R., Preclinical Pharmacology of BA-TPQ, a Novel Synthetic Iminoquinone Anticancer Agent, Marine Drugs, 2010, 8, 2129-2141.

14.  Schormann, N.; Velu, S. E.; Murugesan, S.; Senkovich, O.; Walker, K.; Chenna, B.; Shinkre, B.; Desai, A. and Chattopadhyay, D., Synthesis and characterization of potent inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi dihydrofolate reductase, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2010, 18, 4056-4066

15.  Wang, W.; Rayburn, E. R.; Velu, S. E.; Chen, D.; Nadkarni, D. H.; Murugesan, S.; Chen, D. and Zhang, R., A novel synthetic iminoquinone, BA-TPQ, as an anti-breast cancer agent: in vitro and in vivo activity and mechanisms of action, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2010, 123, 321-331.

16.  Wang, F.; Ezell, S. J.;Zhang, Y.; Wang, W.; Rayburn, E. R.;Nadkarni, D. H.;Murugesan, S.; Velu, S. E. and Zhang, R., FBA-TPQ, a Novel Marine-Derived Compound as Experimental Therapy for Prostate Cancer, Investigational New Drugs, 2010, 28, 234-241.

17.  Murugesan, S.; Nadkarni, D. H.; Velu, S. E., A facile synthesis of bispyrroloquinone and bispyrroloiminoquinone ring system of marine alkaloids, Tetrahedron Letters, 2009, 50, 3074-3076.

18.  Wang, W.; Velu, S. E., Nadkarni, D. H.; Murugesan, S.; Rayburn, E. R. and Zhang, R., In Vitro and In vivo Anti-cancer Activity of Novel Synthetic Makaluvamine Analogues, Clinical Cancer Research, 2009, 15, 3511-3518.

19.  Nadkarni, D. H.; Wang, F.; Wang, W.; Rayburn, E. R.; Ezell, S. J.; Murugesan, S.; Velu, S. E. and Zhang, R., Synthesis and In Vitro Anti-cancer Activity of Novel 1, 3, 4, 8-Tetrahydropyrrolo [4, 3, 2-de]quinolin-8(1H)-one Alkaloid Analogues, Medicinal Chemistry, 2009, 5, 227-236.  

20.  Kang, S.; Mou, L.; Velu, S. E.; Brouillette, W. J.; Prevelige Jr., P. E., Synthesis of Biotin Tagged Chemical Cross-linkers and Their Applications for Mass Spectrometry, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2009, 23, 1719-1726.

21.  Lee, Y. J.; King, J. R.; Chenna, B.; Owens Jr., S. B.; Freeman, J. L.; Gray, G. M. and Velu, S. E., Synthesis and the crystal structure of (E)-2-(7-(3-(thiophen-2-yl)acrylamido)-2,3-dihydro-5-oxobenzo[e][1,4]oxazepin-1(5H)-yl)ethyl acetate, Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 2009, 39, 902-907.

22.  Patel, S. P.; Nadkarni, D. H.; Murugesan, S.; King, J. R. and Velu, S. E., Azide mediated detosylation of N-tosylpyrroloiminoquinones and N-tosylindole-4,7-quinones, Synlett, 2008, 2864-2868.

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46.  Velu, S. E. and Srinivasan, P. C., Synthesis of 2-Alkyl indoles via Sulfones, Synthesis, 648 650 (1992).


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