Brief Teaching Philosophy

I consider teaching as one of my most important responsibilities as a University Professor.  I believe all students are capable of learning, and each student has something to contribute to the learning process. I consider teaching as something more than just a process used for dissemination of chemistry knowledge. It is an intellectual exercise that gives us an excellent opportunity to create real learning communities. My goal as a teacher is to construct supportive and personalized learning environments that will motivate students to work hard and achieve more than they may think is possible. Crafting a curriculum that is best suited for achieving this goal is the guiding principle of my teaching philosophy.

Courses Taught

Dr. Velu teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Chemistry department of UAB. The main focus of his teaching is in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery. The following is the listing of all courses offered by Dr. Velu.
Undergraduate Courses

• Organic Chemistry – I (CH-235)
• Organic Chemistry – II (CH-237)

Graduate Courses

• Special Topics: Chemistry of Natural Products (CH-772)
• Foundations of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (CH-701)*
• Modern Drug Design and Development (IBS-708)*
• Organic Reactions and Synthesis (CH-732)*
• Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery (CH-771)*
* Team taught courses

Bb Learn

His Course Pages are maintained at UAB Blackboard Learn. Course syllabi, Lecture notes, Recitations, Assignments, Practice exams, answer keys, links to On-line Web based Learning (OWL) and other useful links are available at this location.


Students can access their On-Line Homework using this link.

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