The department of Communication Studies is among the top 25 research departments in the United States. Many of the faculty members have nationwide reputations, 3 are ranked among the top prolific scholars in the National Communication Association. The teaching is excellent. Faculty have won awards on campus and in regional communication associations. The faculty hold degrees from Indiana University, Purdue University, Southern Illinois University, Florida State University, Ohio State University, University of Alabama, University of Florida, Emory University, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Interim Chair

Dr. John Wittig


Dr. Mark Hickson

Dr. Eduardo Neiva

Dr. Larry Powell

Dr. Virginia Peck Richmond, Undergraduate CM Advisor

Associate Professors

Dr. Jonathan H. Amsbary, Graduate Director

Dr. Minabere Ibelema, Undergraduate Journalism Director

Assistant Professors

Dr. Cecil Betros

Dr. Jacquelyn S. Shaia

Credential Course Instructors

Ms. Jane Bailey 

Mr. Alan Franks

Mr. Richard Henderson

Ms. Margaret (Peggy) Jones
Mr. Jacob Nance

Mr. Brian Oaks

Mr. Nick Patterson

Graduate Assistants

Ms. Elizabeth Carver

Mr. Stephen Hill

Ms. Laura Martin-Sullins

Ms. Breann Murphy

Ms. Sunshine Scott