Hee Sun Park. Professor
Heritage Hall 302-A
(205) 934-8917

Research and Teaching Interests: Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, Research Methods, Statistics

Office Hours: By appointment

  • BA, Michigan State University
  • MA, University of Hawaii
  • PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara

Hee Sun Park joins UAB from Seoul, South Korea. She is an active researcher with approximately 100 publications in refereed academic journals such as Human Communication Research, Communication Research, Journal of Communication, and Communication Monographs. She won early career awards from the International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, and the International Academy of Intercultural Relations. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Justice, and the Health Resources and Services Administration. She is a past chair of the Intercultural Communication Division of the International Communication Association, past vice president of the Korean American Communication Association, and former editor of International Journal of Intercultural Relations.

Professors Park is among the world’s foremost experts on cross-cultural communication. She has sustained programs of research on expressions of apology and gratitude.

  • Lee, H. E., & Park, H. S. (2011). Why Koreans are more likely to favor "apology," while Americans are more likely to favor "thank you." Human Communication Research, 37(1), 125-146.
  • Park, H. S., & Smith, S. W. (2007). Distinctiveness and influence of subjective norms, personal descriptive and injunctive norms, and societal descriptive and injunctive norms on behavioral intent: A case of two behaviors critical to organ donation. Human Communication Research, 33(2), 194-218.
  • Park, H. S., Lee, H. E., & Song, J. A. (2005). “I am sorry to send you SPAM”: Cross-cultural differences in use of apologies in e-mail advertising in Korea and USA. Human Communication Research, 31(3), 365-398.