Dr. Virgina Peck Richmond, Ph.D.

Virginia Peck Richmond
is one of the most distinguished researchers and professors in the field of human communication. She has written fifteen books on topics including public speaking, organizational, nonverbal, instructional, and apprehension communication. Dr. Richmond has also authored or co-authored twenty-five book chapters and published more than twenty-five research articles where she was the senior author. She has been recognized as one of the ten most prolific scholars in the National Communication Association.

Dr. Richmond comes to us from the Department of Communication Studies at West Virginia University where she has won numerous awards for her outstanding teaching and research, including an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University System of West Virginia Board of Trustees and West Virginia University Institute of Technology, and the Donald H. Ecroyd and Caroline Drummond-Ecroyd Teaching Excellence Award from the Eastern Communication Association. She was instrumental in founding and coordinating WVU’s nationally recognized extended learning and educational outreach programs. She has also received distinguished service awards from the World Communication Association and the Eastern Communication Association.

The following lists Dr. Richmond's primary foci: Corporate and organizational communication; interpersonal communication; public speaking and presentational skills; instructional communication; health communication; nonverbal communication; communication apprehension; avoidance and shyness; diffusion and social change; intercultural communication; gender and communication; and communication training and development.


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