eduardoaDr. Eduardo Neiva
Ph.D. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro 1989

Eduardo Neiva’s
career of a college professor extends from South America to the United States and then Europe. At the beginning of the last decade, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to join, as Research Associate, the Research Center for Language and Semiotic Studies of Indiana University. This event was the beginning of his closer ties to the American academic world. At almost the same time that Dr. Neiva was awarded the Fulbright scholarship, he received a grant from the USIS (United States Information Service) to teach and do research in the Department of Communication Studies of The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since then, he returned to the United States, became a faculty member of UAB’s Communication Studies Department, where he is now Full Professor, and was the founding Director of the Graduate Program.

Dr. Neiva published academic output is comprised of more than 60 articles, as well as 10 books. They were mainly written in either Portuguese or English, but his articles have been translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, and Italian. Eduardo Neiva devoted his intellectual efforts to many aspects of communication studies, doing his best to be worthy of its multiplicity. In terms of teaching experience, Dr. Neiva has taught Communication Studies in Brazil (his native country), the United States, and Portugal. With an experience of more than two decades on the academic world of more than one culture, Eduardo Neiva brings a valuable cross-cultural asset to any world-class academic center.

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